What’s the story behind Planeolo?

Planeolo is a tool that will make your life way easier. Creative agencies and project managers can save time on repetitive tasks such as project updates, emails, and follow-ups, reduce manual project audits, improve client interactions, and get analytics during and after projects in one place. However, such a powerful platform like this doesn’t happen […]

Client Management: the best practices to follow in creative businesses

What’s for a business without clients? Your company may have the greatest ideas, but if you don’t have any clients buying them, something might be wrong. Creative businesses sell ideas, and clients in general, have a lot of expectations. How to run your agency building strong and transparent relationships with clients? That’s what Client Management […]

6 things you need to know about Creative Project Management

Project management

A creative project means dealing with many people doing creative stuff that will eventually come together. So, how to keep everything in sync? There are two vital creative resources to manage: team and time. However, there’s more to consider, and that’s precisely what you will find out in this blog.

Welcome to Planeolo

Planeolo Blog

Hello, and welcome to our first Planeolo blog post. My name is Jeff Galea, founder of Planeolo. I am writing this blog post to show how we are giving back a few hours a day to project managers. You all heard the saying ‘use the right tools for the job.’ This applies to every industry, […]