Navigating Endless Revisions: A Guide for Freelancers & video production studios in the Creative Industry

As a freelancer or small video production shop working in the creative industry, it’s common to encounter clients that require endless revision requests. This can be incredibly frustrating when you’re paid per project, and the time spent on revisions starts to affect your earnings. We’ve gathered some possible solutions to help you handle these situations, ensuring you maintain a healthy working relationship with your client while protecting your time and income.

Solution 1: Open communication with the client

One of the best ways to address scope creep is by having an open and honest conversation with the company contracting you. Discuss your concerns about the number of revisions and the time spent on the project. Suggest possible solutions, such as limiting the number of revisions or switching to an hourly rate. Be sure to offer your availability for a call to discuss the matter further.

Solution 2: Educate the client and streamline the revision process

It’s essential to guide less experienced clients through the revision process. Ask them to collect their feedback and provide it to you all at once per round in written form, ideally on a reviewing platform such as or This will help them be more thoughtful with their feedback. After the second round, use language indicating that the next round will be the final one. Remember that drastic changes after the fine cut may also be considered outside the project scope.

Solution 3: Establish Clear Milestones

For your next project, establish clear milestones and provide a limited number of revisions for each stage. For instance:

  1. Rough cut (with two rounds of changes)
  2. Fine cut (with one round of changes)
  3. Polished cut (with one round of changes)
  4. Lock (no changes allowed)
  5. Completed master

By offering a specific number of revisions at each stage, you can manage your client’s expectations and maintain control over the project’s timeline.

Solution 4: Opt for Hourly Rates and Set Revision Limits

Whenever possible, choose an hourly rate instead of a flat fee. This will ensure you’re fairly compensated for any additional work that arises from revision requests. If you agree to a flat rate, specify the number of allowed revisions in the contract. If the client exceeds the agreed-upon limit, you can charge them for additional work.

You can also communicate your concerns about the number of revisions and the impact on your earnings. Offer the option to switch to an hourly rate or limit future revisions. If the client refuses to cooperate, consider discussing possibly ending the collaboration.

As a video production professional in the creative industry, dealing with endless revisions can be challenging. However, you can better manage these situations by establishing clear communication, educating your client, setting milestones, and opting for hourly rates. Remember, protecting your time and income is essential while maintaining a positive working relationship with your clients. To implement the above and keep track of it all, consider a 14-day Planeolo trial, as it is a tool that solves all these headaches.

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